Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Baked Malai Sandesh Recipe / Baked Sweet Cottage Cheese In Thickened Milk ~ Shubho Mahalaya

I wake up with a jolt and a pounding heart and strain my eyes to look through the dark room. Collecting my self and my thoughts I wonder what woke me up so early. I pick up my mobile and see the time. It's 3 a.m. in Dubai. My eyes fall on the missed call and I scroll down to see that Ma had called. In a flash everything comes back and my eyes light up with a broad smile. I take a deep breath and try to imagine the intoxicating aroma of the pristine white Shiuli Phool (Night Flowering Jasmine). Then I tip toe out of the room, walk downstairs and open the door. As I step out neither can I feel the nip in the air, nor can I see the dancing kash phool (Kans grass native to India) in the far horizon. It's still far from being cold and in the light of my house I can see only Palm trees. Sigh!! I am in Dubai and not in Kolkata, where my heart is. Today is Mahalaya, a very special day for Bengalis. I sit in my garden and call Ma. All she says is "Shon" (listen) and then the most familiar voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra buzzes into my ears, as my eyes swell up with tears.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Murgh Methi Malai Recipe / Chicken Cooked In Fenugreek Leaves And Fresh Cream

I look at the cardboard boxes sprawled across my once spic and span home, some half full, some taped and closed with marker scribbled words of what it contains inside written on top. The Greek Philosopher Heraclitus's doctrine says "Change is the only constant" and so true it is. Change has remained the only constant factor in my life so far. It all started from the first change of sharing my parents room, to my own room, then sharing my room with my sister, changing out into my Engineering college hostel room, to my first salary rented flat, then to my in-laws home after marriage, many other cities and homes later to this one in Dubai and again I am changing to a new abode which I will turn into a home in time.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Raspberry Bhapa Doi Recipe / Raspberry Flavoured Steamed Yogurt ( Bengali Style )

Stories are a powerful tool to weave dreams, reality, imagination, sometimes unreal, fictitious things through a web of beautiful words and then enclose them inside illustrated pages of intrigue with the potentially of picking you up gently and placing you down on those wings which then fly you into a world created by the storyteller. I may have been a year and a half old, barely capable of lifting my little self and perching myself up on the bed surrounded by fluffy pillows on all sides to break my fall in case I happened to get a wee bit adventurous. Baba would place in front of me colorful story books whose three dimensional pages would stand up before my twinkling eyes, wide with anticipation. I am told that I would sit for hours looking at them, amidst adorable sounds of cooing, gurgling, babbling, just too happy to be amongst those imaginary characters popping out of my story books.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Pista Gulkand Laddu Recipe / Dairy Free, No Cook, Pistachio & Rose Petals Sweet Preserve Bites / Vegan Pistachio & Rose Petals Preserve Sweets Recipe

I have been in a race with the Sun for many years now. That I rarely win the race is another thing. The Sun manages to beat me on most days, cause by the time I am waking up and stretching my lazy bones, he is outside my window winking at me and teasing me that while he has been up and shining, I am still struggling to wiggle myself out of those feather soft sheets. That feeling of just a few minutes more and then I will be "as fresh as a daisy", has neither ceased nor diminished from my school going days till now. Back then I used to think that feeling like this was exclusively for children, as I would always find an ear to ear smiling Mother with no traces of any "I want to sleep a little more" on her face, nudging me up awake every morning. I would think then that in mothers maybe that state of mind is non-existent, but nothing like that happened with me after I donned the role of a mother. I still struggle, every single day to tear my head away from those clouds of softness, waiting keenly for the weekends, when I thankfully don't have to race with the Sun.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Pesarapappu Timmanam Recipe / Andhra Style Moong Dal Phirni Recipe / Husked Split Mung Beans And Coconut Pudding Recipe

Eons ago when a lady looking like an Indian Goddess from my childhood mythological books, resplendent in a fuchsia coloured Kanjeevaram saree, with her tresses adorning jasmine flowers stringed together, had taken my hand and welcomed me into an abode which she had for years nurtured with love, care, discipline, traditions and deep rooted values, little did I realise that one day she would become my biggest strength and I would emulate her in all aspects of my life. As a coy demure bride, seeped in apprehensions, with a fluttering heart, I had held her hand as she led me one step at a time into her world, a world which she had created brick by brick through rain and sunshine, filled it with smiles, a world where love was genuine, selfless, a world which would become my refuge of comfort and solace for my entire life.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Bengali Style Beetroot Chutney Recipe / Beetroot Relish In Bengali Style Recipe

Whenever my eyes gaze through the bountiful colours around, which the Creator keeps filling in, on this huge canvas called nature, I wonder what magic and love the Creator combines to be able to paint each and every bit of this vast landscape with exotic colours. I remember watching this Disney movie called Tinker-bell where fluorescent pattern winged fairies are responsible for all the enchantment we see around. Whatever be the reason of their nemesis the hues of nature cannot be matched ever with the manmade artificial colours. The colours of the pink dragonfruit or the minty green from the spear mint leaves, the tangerine hued Oranges, the Gold dusted turmeric, the amber kissed saffron or the ruby red painted beetroot, nothing oh nothing can bring the smile upto my eyes than a hand with tinted fingers, splashed with gorgeousness from these brilliant shades.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Potato Ghee Roast Recipe / Mangalorean Potato Ghee Roast Recipe

Most of us have at some point or the other heard or seen in a restaurant menu the Bunt Tuluva Mangalorean delicacy Chicken Ghee Roast. I wanted to replicate this speciality dish by substituting the chicken with a vegetable. I however wanted to retain the fiery colour, the spicy aromas and the stellar taste of the original dish. So here I am with a vegetarian version Potato Ghee Roast. I have tried my best to retain the originality both visually and in terms of flavour. My friends and family were delighted after tasting my Potato Ghee Roast and I received a positive feedback from them. Now, I sincerely hope that my readers, too will give a thumbs up both after they have seen the pictures of my Potato Ghee Roast and tried out the recipe.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Kundapur Masala Powder Recipe / Mangalorean Spice Mix Powder Recipe / Taal Masala Recipe / Bunt Style Masala Powder Recipe

Kundapur Masala Powder is an indigenous, versatile spice mix which is used to flavour and give a distinct charater to the universally popular Mangalorean Bunt Community specialty dish known as "Chicken Ghee Roast". This spice mix powder is said to have originated in the Southern Indian state of Karnataka from a coastal town called Kundapur. The Kundapur Masala Powder is believed to have had its genesis in the kitchens of the very popular Shetty Lunch Homes. So if you happen to visit Kundapur do surely take time out to sample the Chicken Ghee Roast at Shetty Lunch Home. Till then, you can refer to the ingredients given below and get the spice mix ready to be able to prepare Chicken Ghee Roast or Potato Ghee Roast (for my vegetarian friends) in your kitchen easily no matter whether you are located in Boston, Brussels or Borneo.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Padampuri Murg Recipe / Khoya Chicken Recipe

Padampuri Murg is a Chicken delicacy from Padampur located in the princely state of Rajasthan in India. This is probably one of the creamiest chicken dishes that you might have ever tasted. The Khoya/Khoa or milk solids used to cook this dish is primarily responsible for the rich silky texture of it's gravy. Along with yogurt and pure desi Ghee (clarified butter) added generously, this dish is not at all for the faint hearted . The indigenous spice mix which is added to the curry is resplendent with fiery red chilies, black cumin (kalonji) and other spices that gives the dish a perfect balance of flavours, a unique taste and a light lingering aroma. One spoonful in your mouth and your taste buds will dance to the power house of flavours which makes this dish truly befitting to be served at any Royal fare.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Jaozi Halwa Recipe / Nutmeg Halva Recipe / Jaiphal Halwa Recipe

I am heralding the third anniversary celebrations of my Blog with a very Royal, laced in history and immensely loved sweet Jaozi Halwa. Preparing this sweet confection to mark the celebrations was a befitting ode to my labour of love, my reservoir of food passion and my journal of culinary stories. My Blog holds an extra special place in my life and I have nurtured it with fervour and fueled it with the love and encouragement from my dearest readers, my co food enthusiasts and zealous gastronomic friends.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Kolkata Style Chicken Biryani Recipe / Calcutta Chicken Biryani Recipe

Kolkata ~ the city of Joy, for me, apart from being the city where my family and extended family have lived for decades, is the city where food and sports are woven into the very fabric of the life of the people. A city which breathes football and cricket, a city where food is a passion and a way to express the rich cultural heritage of this vibrant city. Today let's take a virtual tour through the essence of the most famous and popular dish from here, Calcutta Biryani or Kolkata Style Chicken Biryani.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Kolkata Biryani Masala Recipe / Calcutta Style Biryani Spice Powder Recipe

KOLKATA BIRYANI MASALA holds the complete essence of the much loved Kolkata or Calcutta Style of Biryani. Without this indigenous spice mix you will not be able to achieve that flavour or aroma which is quintessential of Kolkata Biryani. By using the Kolkata Biryani Spice Powder you will get similar results with your Kolkata Biryani in terms of taste and fragrance as that of Kolkata residents, no matter in which country of the world you live. All you have to do is diligently note down the ingredients, which luckily, nowadays are available in an Indian store near you or online, dry roast, hand pound and voila have your own bottle of Kolkata Biryani Masala Powder.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Hyderabadi Dum Ka Murgh Recipe / Hyderabad Style Slow Steam Cooked Chicken Curry Recipe

Dear Culinary Enthusiasts and Food Adventurers here I am again, though after a long interval, sharing with you a very dear recipe from my mum-in-law's repertoire, HYDERABADI DUM KA MURGH. As the name suggests this dish originates from the Indian city, known worldwide for its royal past, the magnificent monument Charminar and lipsmacking cuisne, HYDERABAD. This is a chicken dish where the chicken is marinated in distinct but simple spices and aromatics, then cooked on Dum, meaning its own steam, very slowly, resulting in a ridiculously delicious Chicken Curry, which I can bet will have you cooking this dish again and again, on demand, in your kitchen till you loose count of it.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Churmur Recipe / Kolkata Street Food Churmur Chaat Recipe / Indian Street Food

Churmur or Churmur Chaat is a tasty street side snack from Kolkata, India. It has boiled potato as its base and the tongue tapping build up of this snack is done by adding veggies, condiments, fritters, flavoured liquids etc. resulting in a flavour bomb which is sure to delight your senses. There are different ways of making this and every street food vendor selling Churmur has his own touches added to this. What's wonderful about this snack is that you do not have to visit Kolkata to experience that immense flavour burst. You can make it in your home by following my easy step-wise pictorial recipe, given right below. But one thing I must tell you, whenever you visit the City Of Joy, Kolkata do surely stop by at a roadside Phuchka Cart and try Churmur from there.

Friday, 28 October 2016

Cauliflower Burfi Recipe / Kabishambardhana Barfi Recipe / Cauliflower Fudge Recipe

Hello Beautiful People. A sizeable portion of my lovely readers worldwide must be immersed in the preparations of celebrating Diwali ~ The Festival Of Lights. The number of sweets that has swept over Social Media has already kick-started the festivities a week back. Going through the numerous sweet and savoury recipes I was thinking to myself, thanks to Social Media we get to see Recipes from every nook and corner of India and try them in our home kitchen without having to travel to that part right away. Wonderful isn't it? 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Nolen Gurer Payesh Recipe / Patali Gurer Payesh / Rice Pudding Made With Date Palm Jaggery Recipe ~ Rejoicing My Culturally Rich Roots

I have always loved rituals, customs, traditions that we follow as a part of celebrating our festivals in India. It's these little little things that make the whole event so exciting and enjoyable. I have inevitably looked forward to festivals so that I could be a part of these wonderful customs that they observe. I am sure many of you, beautiful people, will echo my thoughts. No matter which part of the globe you belong to, you must also be having  your own sets of rituals and age old traditions. In my numerous travels I have repeatedly found that people all over the world, while celebrating festivals follow each and every ceremony religiously, which has been passed on through generations, till date, with equal fervour and joy. 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tava Aloo Kulcha Recipe / Stuffed Leavened Indian Flatbread Cooked On A Griddle Recipe ~ Just Recipes

I am truly ecstatic to be back to what I love doing. Blogging is a different high altogether. Not that in my long absentia here have I stopped my kitchen adventure for a single day, but certain personal work took precedence and I just simply couldn't mange to squeeze in the time, to capture the steps pictorially while cooking nor could I collect and pen my thoughts here. But that's history now and hopefully(keeps fingers and toes crossed) I hope to regularly (at least twice a week) share my kitchen and food adventures here with you. Thank you my dear readers, for taking out the time, visiting my blog and checking out my posts during this interval. It is your love and enthusiasm for food and your continued encouragement of my work, which makes me and this Blog going. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Cholar Dal Recipe / Bengali Style Chana Dal Recipe / Split Bengal Gram Lentil Curry (Bengali Style) Recipe ~ Just Recipes

Cholar Dal is an extremely popular Lentil Curry which is served with many a Bengali Meal. It is a very simple lightly spiced lentil curry made using split bengal gram. In Bengal Cholar Dal is served along with Luchi / Puffed Deep Fried small round breads or other popular Bengali Breads like KOCHURI / RADHABALLABHI for breakfast or at the start of a meal during lunch. Cholar Dal is also served with steamed white rice along with JHURI ALOO BHAJA (very finely grated deep fried crisp potatoes) or other BHAJAS (deep fried fritters or deep fried fish etc.). It is quick, delicious and filling. You can simply have it with any breads with a salad on the side for a hearty quick fix meal any time of the day. 

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Bhaja Moshla Recipe / Bengali Dry Roasted Spice Powder Recipe ~ Just Recipes

Bhaja Moshla is the Bengali word for Dry Roasted Ground whole spices that are used in many a dish from Bengal. Unlike the Southern part of India, where there are a number of different combinations of dry roasted ground spices, either used in cooking or eaten as an accompaniment with food, Bengal has only a few, Bhaja Moshla being one very important mix among them. Now there are a number of variations of Bhaja Moshla as you can find out, by either searching online or offline, by taking to your Bengali friends or reading Bengali cook books. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Bhapa Aloo Recipe / Steamed Potatoes In Mustard Coconut Sauce Recipe ~ Just Recipes

Bhapa is the Bengali word used for steamed. Bhapa Mach or Steamed Fish is a Bengali delicacy which finds its way to many a Bengali Feast Menu. Everytime we had a lunch or dinner gathering at my home, Ma or Thakuma (paternal grandmother) would inevitably dish out these lovely looking green parcels with a large fish fillet doused in a pungent yet aromatic concoction of mustard and coconut sauce infused with mustard oil and green chilli paste. This would not only be polished off the plate in no time but often there would be a demand for more servings of these flavour laden green parcels. Unfortunately my vegetarian friends would always miss out on this ubiquitous Bengali meal offering and would only have to do with the explanation of how these parcels came into being.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Murshidabad Mutton Tikia Recipe / Mutton Mince Patties Recipe (Murshidabad Style) / Mutton Keema Tikia Recipe ~ Just Recipes

I am quite smitten by the culinary fare of Murshidabad. Mutton Tikia (Murshidabad Style) is the third dish from the region, to be posted on my Blog. Have you checked the other two unique dishes from this region yet ? If you haven't, do most definitely check out CHICKEN KORMA (MURSHIDABAD STYLE) and POPPY SEEDS HALWA (MURSHIDABAD STYLE) . Such culinary treasures are to be savoured and documented for posterity and I am glad that I have had the good fortune of not only savouring these delicacies from Murshidabad but have cooked them many a times in my kitchen and now have them documented forever in my Blog. A hearty thank you to CHEF DEVRAJ HALDER for initiating my foray into this wonderful world of Murshidabad Cuisine.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Hariyali Keema Recipe / Green Chicken Mince Curry Recipe / Keema Hara Masala Recipe ~ Just Recipes

With this post I am starting the Just Recipes series. This series will comprise of the dishes which I cook and post instantly. I have decided to keep the prelude to the recipe as brief as possible. Unlike my other posts, the posts in the Just Recipes series will contain only pertinent trivia about the dish presented to you. My culinary stories and travel stories will continue in my other posts. 

Starting this series with a very simple dish, Hariyali Keema. In this dish, Chicken mince is cooked along with a medley of spices and greens. This is possibly one of the simplest dishes to cook as it does not require much preparation. All the spices used in this dish are always available in all kitchens and also this dish is a wonderful way to feed greens to a fussy family member, who is very stubborn about not eating greens.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Strawberry Italian Cream Soda Mocktail Recipe ~ Creating My Own Igloo

Shriek!!!! Scream !!!! This cannot be true. " Temperatures across the UAE will peak at around 45C over the next few days, but the soaring humidity will make it feel as if it's, wait for it.... a whooping 64 degrees." Information courtesy What's On , Dubai. Please please Mr.S can we take a holiday to a place of cooler clime? He frowns and with the sternest no looks away into his news paper, too annoyed to be called out of his morning ritual of piping hot South Indian filter coffee and the freshest edition of Gulf News, which he, I think reads line by line. I get up looking for Mum-in-law, my saviour in situations like this on most earlier occasions. She, too, is busy in her morning invocation of the Almighty and I meekly recede back into my own cocoon. But I am so unable to concentrate on anything. The next best saviour after my Mum-in-law has always been the refrigerator. On occasions such as this, when things don't go my way, a peek into the refrigerator has always ended, with me cooking up a fire (oh no nothing hot seems to feel good this morning) or alternately digging into some comfort food or chocolates sitting pretty in my refrigerator. Oh dear gadget friend, please pull me out of my despondency this morning. I open the door of the refrigerator and the chill whiff coated with a white smoke that greets me is good enough to bring a kind of solace to me.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Shorshe Keema Recipe / Mutton ( Goat) Mince In Thick Mustard Sauce Recipe ~ Basking In Festivities

It is Eid here in Dubai today and many parts of the world. In India Eid will be celebrated tomorrow. On this auspicious occasion I would like to wish all my dear friends, readers and everyone celebrating A VERY HAPPY AND BLESSED EID.