Sunday, 20 July 2014


The Iftar Buffet at The Address Dubai Marina is easily the most dynamic,tantalising and SuperAbundant buffet,with multifarious Diverse dishes. No wonder it is amongst the top 10 finest Ramadan Iftar Buffets in Dubai which is very highly rated by UAE's Food Connoisseurs & many of the top Magazines here.
It's not only the cuisine but the luxuriously appointed traditional Ramadan tents, the ceremonial Oud players who take you on an Arabian sojourn, creamy, sugary lip smacking Turkish Ice-Cream which can be lapped up in seconds by children & adults alike, a photo booth with Middle Eastern & Ramadan inspired creative props where you can pose for a picture and capture your beautiful Ramadan Iftar memories forever and much much much more.
This post is a pictorial insight why I reckon this Robust Iftar Buffet as "Surely not to be Missed."
The Iftar Buffet is a delightful mix of Arabic cuisine primarily, with South East Asian, Indian and a few International dishes also a part of the serpentine platter queue. As Chef De Cuisine Trevor Greene hinted in a casual chat with me that the buffet was designed with a Middle Eastern Hue but also had dishes to delight the International palette. And that precisely was the uniqueness of the buffet which was aimed at catering to not only the native Arab taste, but also to anyone who was either an expatriate or tourist. What a fascinating idea to present the extraordinary Ramadan Iftar Experience to someone who was foreign to this distinctive tradition. 

The food stations were bedecked in Middle Eastern Attire to hold the fervor of Ramadan Strongly.
The dazzling Salad and Dessert Kitchen
Long Serpentine Rows of Round shaped Chafing Dishes filled with Mouth-Watering food

Even the bread basket was all decked up.
Impressive Salad Assortment
The mood of Ramadan reflected even in the Menu Tags
The Turkey Robust and Flavoursome.

The Kebab Platter, delightfully juicy and succulent. The Lamb Biryani aromatic and exquisite.
Food food and more food

This is just the beginning of the mushy, melting wonders. Apple and Vanilla Crème Brulee Shot, Chocolate and Cherry Verrine, Mouhalabia and no end to this creamy indulgence..

I simply got hooked up with the Kunafa. There were different fillings and I was completely bowled over by the Kunafa with the Cream filling.

The Buffet is Priced at AED 170 (All Inclusive) and I am sure you will completely agree with me that it cannot get better than this............ 

For Reservations call
T: +9714 436 7777
Iftar Buffet AED 170, Sunset to 9 pm

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