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The Address Dubai Mariana is a glossy hotel which opens up to the glitter & glamour of the Dubai Marina, presenting views that keep you glued forever. A hotel which stems in its warm hospitality & impeccable services also houses, the multifaceted restaurant Mazina. Mazina stands out not only in the delectable cuisine that it dishes out, but also in the innovative & exciting themes that it comes up with to enthrall its diners.
Walking down the gorgeous corridors to be greeted by a smiling hostess now seems such a familiar part of The Address Hotel's hospitality. Before being ushered to our table, I want a quick view of the
Dubai Marina bedecked with little pearls of glow. At night this is how my eyes translate the brightly
lit Marina skyline. I bask in its beauty for sometime and deter the urge to sit outside to double my dinner delight as the weather is still not conducive with my mushy mood.

Tonight there is a romantic aura about Mazina. I guess its the hush voices of the diners cozy in their chairs glowing with softly lit candles on their tables. Even the cherubs are quietly lost in their bounty of ice creams and marshmallows. I had much romanticized in my mind Mongolia a country which still holds strongly to its traditions & is predominantly influenced by China & Russia being sandwiched between the two.
I didn't want to blink my eyes, stood there riveted and felt like a little girl in Mana land..

Taking my first tour of the dinner buffet I can see the dominant oriental influence glibly flowing throughout keeping in mind the Mongolian theme. The focus is totally on live cooking on a magical iron plate resplendent with a lot of drama. There is a sizzle, clanking of the spatula, the TEPPAN blushing with the varied sauces splashed over it and finally a cloud of smoke emanating to confirm that I am in for a tempting treat.
Dinner service commences with a bowl of piping tangy soup, with prawn crackers for the in between crunch. I add in a plate of dim sum/ suimai and spicy chicken wings.
I am too eager to create my dish on the TEPPAN & surprise myself on how quickly I have slurped up the entire bowl of soup.
The Mongolian Theme is traversed in three simple steps, where I get to design my dish. I have to pick up proteins, vegetables etc., then depending on my taste buds decide the sauces to be infused into it, allow Chef to prepare it in front of me and savour the delicious mix. It's a very stimulating exercise which I have decided to take in with my full sensory concentration. The first step is to carefully tread my eyes over the multiple bowls of sauces, which will be infused to my customised dish as per my choice. Next is the array of sea food & meats. I can see prawns, squids, mussels & fish and have already started assembling my choicest ingredients in my mind. Not to miss are the wooden bowls filled with ground spices ranging from powdered coriander, Chinese five spices, chilli flakes etc...
Can you imagine the intensity of flavours imbedded in these bowls. Well I had a clear favourite, the XO Spicy sauce, which is made using four different types of chillies, lemon grass, galangal & ground shrimp. The layered punch this sauce delivers to your tongue is best explained when you self try. 
Take your pick for that extra punch...
 The mammoth orange coloured fan stood like a crown overlooking the exhaustive variety of ingredients used to assemble the final dish, with the choice of the diner off course.
The colour of the giant fan reflected hues of the rising sun adding to the vibrancy of the spread galore.
Move a little ahead and the biggest choice of vegetables, fruits, herbs popping out of bamboo baskets greets you. There are yellow & green zucchini, snow peas, red, green & yellow peppers, red onion, pineapple, lychee, beans, shiitake mushrooms, bokchoy, baby corn, kai lan, bamboo shoots, garlic chopped etc. which has got me breathless & a little confused.
 The vegetable count left me breathless I must say. But seeing a bounty of fresh produce is a real happy & healthy feeling
Although I was a little indecisive on what to add and what to leave this conglomeration of goodness was a true delight.
 I turn around looking for help and both chef & a black board scribed with choice of mixes come to my rescue. Chef suggests that I choose one from the board and add on some more ingredients from the extensive options.
 The Saviour Black Board. I chose the top right corner & the bottom mix, but added lots of other vegetables, fruits & herbs to it.

Oh my God! I still have to choose from the different types of noodles and condiments in another section. I have not felt so indecisive in a long time & therefore let chef take over. He skillfully comes up with this colourful plate.
More options... Noodles, Rice, Chillies & Spring Onions
Finally I am done and the reins are now handed over to Chef Balwant, the man in charge of the TEPPAN. Like a child I watch with twinkling eyes and a fascinated grin as he grills, pan fries, incorporating the meats, vegetables, fruits, herbs, dousing them with the peppy, acidic sauces and voila the cloud of aroma envelopes the TEPPAN.
I feel like clapping as he finally gathers everything on a plate. I can see that a load of flavour have been piled on my plate. Fresh and fragrant they have got my senses elated.
Some more TEPPAN creations are placed on the table and I & Mr. S are two happy Tripper on a culinary voyage into Mongolia.
All the bright, crisp and refreshingly tasty platters dished out by Chef Balwant
 Did I mention there was also this scrumptious egg fried rice filled oval chaffing dish emanating oriental aromas.
Time to draw the curtains to tonight's Mongolian themed dinner with a roll out of an array of exotic fruits, desserts, chocolates , ice creams etc. Everything is delist but I am in love with the Creme Fraiche Cheesecake & Peach Melba Verrine.
 The children in the restaurant made a beeline to this station. I was tempted to join them too

As I chat with Alexia, who has graciously come up to our table throughout our dinner to ensure we were comfortable & enjoyed our experience here fully, she tells me how each and every diner at Mazina is treated with personalised attention. How their knowledgeable chefs are more than happy to interact with the diners and how every single feedback from the patrons are used to up the already impeccable service at the restaurant.
As I depart I am content & have revelled in this wonderful Mongolian culinary bonanza.
The Address Dubai Marina
ThePrice: AED 165 per person
Time: Every Wednesday 7 pm to 11 pm
Call: T: +971 4 436 7777
For bookings:

I would eagerly wait for your valuable feedback on what you thought about my experience of The Mongolian Night Dinner at Mazina. If you want to share your experience at Mazina you are most welcome to do so.

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