Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Armani Amal Restaurant Dubai ~ An Experiance Extraordinaire

When an experience becomes a treasure it is only fair to applaud such brilliance. Every time we desire to make our special day extraordinary and leave no leaf unturned towards that. So this year was no different. But what lay ahead was totally unfathomed. Another fine dining restaurant we thought. The excitement was more for dining in the tallest building in the world " Burj Khalifa ".

Armani Hotel 
Armani Hotel
Armani Amal Restaurant Lobby
Armani Amal Terrace Seating

The Armani brand is always very classy, has left a mark on me for decades with their à la mode and elegant style of designer apparel. So this evening too as I walk towards the Armani Amal Restaurant, the Indian Restaurant a part of the Armani Hotel located inside the Burj Khalifa, I was looking forward to a dining experience which would have the Armani trademark of excellence.

The view from the restaurant terrace

Another view from the restaurant terrace

View from terrace

View of the Dubai Fountains from the Restaurant Terrace

As the evening slowly progresses we get enthralled by a dining experience which we will remember for a long time to come. Perched comfortably with an alluring Dubai weather serenading us on the terrace of the Armani Amal Restaurant on the third floor of the Burj Khalifa with spectacular views of the Dubai Fountains, a soulful tune playing in the background, I close my eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and try to fill my senses with this enchanting affair.

View of the Dubai Fountains from the Restaurant Terrace
View of the Dubai Fountains from the Restaurant Terrace
View of the Dubai Fountains from the Restaurant Terrace
Armani Amal Reception
Armani Amal Restaurant
Indoor Dining Area

Dinner service commenced with a complementary appetizer, dahi vada shot which quite set the flavour ball rolling for the evening. We ordered their Armani Amal Tandoori Kebab Sampler Platter which had a mix of lamb, chicken, fish, prawn and artichoke, all cooked to perfection in a Tandoor. None of them were overcooked or charred more than desired. I was surprised at the perfect char, the delicate smokiness and the chutney, sauce, dip dotted on the side of of the tandoori item, was a flavour bomb exploding on my tongue with every single bite. Later when I chatted with Chef Rohit Sharma, young, well travelled, immensely passionate about his craft, an intense foodie and the sous chef speciality at Armani Amal who was kind enough to give me a tour of the restaurant kitchen, he showed me the secret of the perfect tandoor.The charcoal used in the tandoor were all of a particular size, shape and were imported from Japan, which distributed the heat, regulated it so that the food would get the right amount of char and smokiness, not overpowering any of the inherent flavours. What's fascinating is that they use a different tandoor for yogurt marinated food and a different one for oil marinated food.

Ah!! the Murgh (Chicken) Biryani (cooked in Lucknowi Style) what a sensory revelation it turned out to be. From the time the lid was opened releasing the smoky perfumed aroma, to the flavour loaded basmati rice to the succulent, taste infused boneless pieces of chicken, to the delicate yogurt raita complementing the Biryani to a T, did take my Biryani sojourn to heights of excellence. Truly Nothing More Gratifying than a well cooked Biryani.

After Dinner when we were in the restaurant's kitchen, I saw how this seller Biryani is prepared. The saffron used in the Biryani  is sourced from Spain, the mint sun dried and hand pounded, the rose water from Pune, India where they use the very best quality of rose to get the purest rose water, meetha attar from Lucknow, India and all spices used are sourced with care, freshly made, no store bought spice is used. Before putting the Biryani on dum in the final layer they use equal portions of Sudh Desi Ghee (Pure Clarified Butter) and Cream. No wonder the Biryani for once tasted like Biryani , Royal & Regal the dish of the Kings.

For the Finale it was Gajar Ka Halwa which fell short of the star appetiser and main course. However this was more than made up by the flower and decadent pastry from the restaurant to wish us for our Wedding Anniversary which is really nice and so thoughtful of them, surely made our celebration complete. 

The tour of the kitchen that followed after that with Chef Rohit Sharma was something my husband and me loved. Chef Rohit with pride showed us the kitchen which is run with love, colossal love for good Indian food and with the desire to take every discerning diner on the finest culinary journey of India.

Special thanks to Mr. Prabhu our server who made the entire dining experience so wonderful. The restaurant currently has a tie up with Citibank, so if you are a Citibank card holder do avail the discount on the final bill. Also if you are a member of www.ubyemaar.com you are entitled to get discount and points on your total bill. Don't forget to make a reservation as finding a table especially on the terrace could be difficult.


THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. All opinions are mine, totally unbiased & you are most welcome to differ. If you have had a memorable experience or would like to recommend a must try dish at this Restaurant,  please share it in the comments below.

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