I am a dreamer just like millions of you out there. It took me a long long time to follow my heart's dictat but trust me when I did, it surged my happiness quotient a trillion miles.

I decided to pen this blog as I was recording precious food & culinary travel memories in bits of papers, randomly on my Lap top and storing away priceless souvenirs in multiple places. I would never find them when I wanted to relive the moments of my invaluable trysts with food & culinary travel. With pearls of sweat glistening on my forehead after a frustrating search, I would often reprimand myself on being more organized, which however never happened.

This blog was the God sent answer to my unorganized follies. It gave me the opportunity to document every little detail which could easily teleport me back to the very instant when a whiff of magic had left me breathless. Be it while trying out an heirloom recipe or raising a toast in the middle of the ocean I want every bit recorded.

Another very beautiful reason of this Blog's genesis was being able to multiply the magic by sharing my stories with every single dreamer sailing on the same boat as me.

I have decided to disseminate my thoughts in five different segments. 

1) Food Trails - Street side, Homes of people in different parts of the world etc. ,
2) Recipes - My own experiments in the kitchen, recipes of Master Chefs, Heirloom Recipes etc.
3) Reviews - Food served in Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts & Spa - Luxurious, Heritage, Boutique, Eco-Friendly etc. 
4) Culinary Travel - Not to be missed treasures in every place I traverse 
5) Back2My Roots - My Bong Connection. This segment will feature Bengali Culture & Recipes.

 I will not bind my musings to any country or continent but will spread my reflections far & wide wherever my heart takes me. And each of my recipes will definitely be preceded by a story. I want my readers to remain connected with me and my stories will provide this connect, never failing to bring a smile on their faces long after they have prepared the dish following my recipe.

I earnestly hope that I shall be able to teleport you to each destination I visit, get you intrigued to every single recipe I discover and captivate you in this alluring journey that I have embarked upon.

I am sure somewhere you will definitely be able to connect with my Blog as each narrative will be unfeigned and straight from my heart.  

So let the romantic rendezvous with food and travel begin...  

Please Note each picture posted in my blog has been clicked by me unless mentioned otherwise below the picture. Similarly the content of my Blog is my own. Therefore kindly refrain from using or reproducing them in any other form on any platform. 

Also kindly note that my Blog is copyright protected. Therefore if found :
1) Any picture from the Blog being used without taking my prior written permission,
2) Any recipe being reproduced or adapted without a clearly mentioned link which directs the readers to the original recipe in my Blog,       
3) Removing watermarks from my pictures and claiming it as your own. 
I shall seek legal redressal under the cyber law for copyright protection. I shall report the person or origination in all social media platforms, which as we all are aware have zero tolerance for plagiarism and copyright breach and violation. Thank You. 

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