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Biryani At Bombay Brasserie ~ Fine Dining Indian Restaurant at Taj Dubai

My love for Biryani is unabashedly unabated, transcends any limitations and is the only thing in the world which cannot be bartered. I guess I had Biryani love in my genes, my father being a Biryani enthusiast, proponent and an excellent cook. After my marriage my love for Biryani was elevated several levels up as Mr. S is not only a Biryani aficionado but an extreme lover of Biryani. He has managed to find a restaurant serving Biryani, no matter what, in every single country, city, that he has visited till date. In fact whenever I have travelled with him I too have been an integral part of savouring Biryani in every single place in our Globe trotting escapade. I have therefore decided to document my indomitable love for Biryani from now on, by recording every single Biryani gorging episode whether it took place at home, in a restaurant, at a friend's place or for that matter anywhere on this planet. I am doing this for the sheer love for this Royal Dish and also to have a place to come back to whenever I want to look back upon and relive those scrumptious moments when I was enveloped with euphoria while savouring a spoonfull of Biryani. Also this will be an excellent resource to refer to for all Biryani lovers who share the same fervour for Biryani.

Lucknowi Gosht Biryani

Today we went for lunch to Bombay Brasserie, the fine dining Indian Restaurant at Taj Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. This place does serenade your visual senses with it's tastefully done interiors. The walls are adorned with rich Indian paintings depicting Emperors on Elephant back along with their Royal Cavalry & also other quintessential Indian paintings. I love the mandarin, royal blues, aubergine hues which adds on to the charm of the place. Intricately painted Rajasthani wooden dolls stand tall, bringing in a piece of India right here into Dubai. My heart flutters with nostalgia as I am ushered by Arun to a table facing the Burj Khalifa, right next to the window. There is a colourful crowd cheerfully chattering away in the corner as if bringing in the Diwali festivities right in at that moment refusing to wait another week. 

I meet Chef Ajay Negi Chef De Cuisine a thorough gentleman extremely passionate about his food. I request him to make me the Lucknowi Gosht Biryani which is Boneless Mutton Biryani cooked in Lucknowi Style & Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani. He asks me about the spice quotient & I want him to not hold back but use as much as he would like to. 

Lunch starts with a Chaat, exploding with flavours, soothing the palate with a cool yumminess, crunchiness that brings a burst of sweet & sour on the tongue. 



Then the Biryani is brought to the table in a fashion as if it is heralding a royal arrival. I wait with baited breath as our server Arun, slowly removes the lid of the pot. Out twirls a cloud of smoke almost making me feel a Genie will jump out from the smoke granting me three wishes. As with any Biryani, I take in the aroma of the smoke in order to tune my senses to the taste onslaught that is about to follow. Though I try hard the customary heady scent of clarified butter, saffron, rose & screw pine do not reach my nose. A large portion is served on my plate, in which there is no dearth of mutton pieces, which are succulent, impregnated with flavours. Each grain of rice is nicely coated with the gravy of the mutton. But my senses continued looking for a subtle richness which is so synonymous with the Lucknowi Style Gosht Biryani. The Chicken Biryani was Hyderabadi Style though tasty yet my senses were on an ongoing search for some of the familiar scents & zing. 

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

My weakness for Biryani leaves me basking in it's culinary glory long after the actual savouring. My takeaway from this Biryani Rendezvous was a classy, a la mode restaurant, with immaculate service tailored with personal care. Chef Nilesh too came to our table to inquire if everything was fine & I had a little Biryani chat with him. He attributed the missing exhilarating scent to avoid overwhelming the senses of Diners. Maybe I should have outlined my preferences especially for these nuances at the start. Bombay Brassiere is bid adieu with the intent that next time I shall be back to sample some of Chef Ajay Negi's innovate fare. 


THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST. All opinions are mine & you are most welcome to differ. If you have had a memorable experience or would like to recommend a must try dish at this Restaurant,  please share it in the comments below.
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