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Diwali Sweets Collection 2018 / Diwali Sweets Recipes 2018 ~ Celebrate Diwali With Us

Celebrate the Festival of Lights Diwali / Deepavali with this fantastic collection of sweets / desserts from right below. You will find the name of the dish written above the picture of each dish. All you have to do is, click on the name of the dish & you will be directed to the page where you have the detailed recipe of the dish. I decided to compile all the dishes in a single post so that you can refer to this post alone & not spend time searching the individual posts from my blog while planning your Diwali Sweets menu. Also I have left a very brief introduction of each dish below the picture of the dish so that you can choose the dish based upon your Diwali party theme or your ideas woven around your Diwali festivities.You will find here a combination of traditional sweets & some very unique dessert recipes. This post is a brilliant resource to propel your Diwali celebrations to the ultimate heights of deliciousness, happiness & festive fervour.

Diwali Mini Vegetarian Thali ~

The Elements of the Diwali Mini Vegetarian Thali are ~

  1. Chutney Wala Dhingri Kabab Recipe / Green Chutney Coated Mushroom Kebab 
  1. Salad
  2. Poppadum
  3. Mint And Coriander Chutney


Kashmiri Phirni Recipe ~

A sweet dish from Kashmir made with milk, semolina & nuts, splashed with a dazzle of saffron to give it a sun kissed look. Very festive, needs to be made in advance as it requires minimum 5 hours to set.

Zauq E Shahi Recipe / Mini Gulab Jamuns In Rabri / Fried Khoya ( Milk Solid ) Balls In Very Thick Milk ~

Mini Gulab Jamuns which are deep fried dumplings soaked in fragrant sugar syrup then submerged in  saffron infused reduced milk. An inviting dessert, can be prepared on the same day. Makes for a very popular Diwali sweet.

Khirer Chapa Mishti / Traditional Bengali Style Milk Fudge ~ 

A traditional Bengali style milk fudge made from reduced milk, semolina, sprinkles of perfumed nutmeg. They are then put on a mould from which they get their pretty shape & design. This can be made in advance & stored upto a week in the refrigerator.

Baked Malai Sandesh Recipe / Baked Sweet Cottage Cheese In Thickened Milk ~ 

This is a very unique Bengali dessert made with condensed milk, homemade cottage cheese (Channa), Milk solids (Khoya), Nuts , Saffron etc. baked to perfection in individual bowls to give you the ultimate sensory experience. This dessert will take the delicious quotient to another level.

Raspberry Bhapa Doi Recipe / Raspberry Flavoured Steamed Yogurt ( Bengali Style )

Bengali Style Sweet Yogurt or Mishti Doi is extremely popular Bengali sweet. This is my take on Mishti Doi. Thick Yogurt & Condensed Milk are combined together, steamed using a traditional technique, topped with fresh raspberries & raspberry syrup is poured over it. A gorgeous looking Diwali dessert which just tastes heavenly.

Pista Gulkand Laddu Recipe / Dairy Free, Vegan No Cook, Pistachio & Rose Petals Sweet Preserve Bites ~

Very busy & have no time to give to your Diwali festive sweets making, don't buy from a store but make this quick Pistachio & rose petal preserve balls / laddoos in no time. They look so gorgeous & they taste even better.

Pesarapappu Timmanam Recipe / Andhra Style Moong Dal Phirni Recipe / Husked Split Mung Beans And Coconut Pudding Recipe ~

This simple dessert from Andhra Pradesh is made using only 6 ingredients right off your kitchen pantry. Husked split mung beans are fried in clarified butter then cooked in reduced milk, coconut is added & perfumed with cardamon. This sweet is perfect for your guests who are on a gluten free diet. It is delumptious & will be loved by one & all.

Jaozi Halwa Recipe / Nutmeg Halva Recipe / Jaiphal Halwa Recipe ~ 

The Jaozi Halwa made with extra dollops of ghee, a bounty of dry fruits, a fragrant and extraordinary spice  Nutmeg / Jaiphal with an overdose of the finest saffron had won over royal hearts 100 years ago and continue to do so even today. Your guests will love this unique sweet I can assure you of that.

Cauliflower Burfi Recipe / Kabishambardhana Barfi Recipe / Cauliflower Fudge Recipe ~

It is a unique sweet made from Cauliflower which is quite uncommon and most importantly this sweet was specially created for an Indian Nobel Laureate. That's right dear friends. I am really glad to present to you all Cauliflower Burfi which was made by the niece of India's greatest poet and writer, " The Bard Of Bengal " Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, to celebrate his 50th birthday.

Nolen Gurer Payesh Recipe / Patali Gurer Payesh / Rice Pudding Made With Date Palm Jaggery Recipe ~ Rejoicing My Culturally Rich Roots ~

A very traditional Bengali Rice Pudding made with a fragrant rice & date palm jaggery. The date palm jaggery can be replaced with date syrup, either ways the end result is delectable.

Murshidabad Postor Halwa Recipe / Khus Khus Halva Recipe / Poppy Seeds Halva Recipe ~  

This recipe is from the erstwhile district of the Nawabs and is royal, lavish and will leave a lingering taste which will be hard to forget. Poppy seeds halva is sure to tease your visual senses and overwhelm your taste buds. This dish is so perfect for your Diwali celebrations

Atukula Payasam Recipe / Poha Kheer Recipe / Flattened Rice Pudding Recipe ~ 

This Payasam  / Pudding is made with Flattened Rice, Jaggery, reduced thick creamy milk, is very simple but does leave a lingering creaminess in your mouth much after you have finished a bowlful. 

Raw Mango Halwa Recipe / Kachche Aam Ka Halwa Recipe ~ 

A unique dessert made using raw mangoes. The raw mangoes however only leave a gorgeous fragrance to this sweet, which means all that tangy taste is not present in this sweet.

Moong Dal Halwa ~

The quintessential Moong Dal or Mung Beans halwa is so perfect with that nip in the Diwali air. Just go for it. 

Shahi Tukra & Moong Dal Halwa Canapés Recipe ~ 

If you have Moong Dal Halwa prepared earlier, then this dessert takes practically 15 minutes to make. It combines the yummy SHAHI Tukra with the traditional Moong dal halwa and is a dessert canapé. You must be thinking a canapé for dessert or as a sweet dish, is it possible. Yes it surely is and when you go through the recipe, I can guarantee that you will love to serve your Halwa like this hereafter. Moong Dal Halwa takes a long time to cook . So if you are in a hurry and want this dish ready in a jiffy, try making it with the semolina halwa or carrot halwa.

Chironji Makhane Kheer With Mixed Nuts Chikki / Chiraunji Fox Nuts Milk Pudding With Nutty Caramel Discs ~

This is not only supremely delicious, but the mixed nuts brittle which is placed over the creamy yummy fox nuts milk pudding is so inviting & pretty that neither children nor any other can stay far from this.

Appe Payasa/Milk Pudding With Crisp Fried Semolina Fritters ~

This delectable Dessert is from the rich repertoire of Udupi cuisine. It's a Milk Pudding filled With Crisp Fried Semolina Fritters. It is called Appe Payasa. Appe is the fried crisp semolina fritters and Payasa is the term used for all milk puddings in Udupi cuisine.


The most googled sweet from my blog, this fudge is sugar free, gluten-free & vegan. Not only is it a stunner visually but the tofu & beet give it a unique texture & a bounty of flavour. You must try this for Diwali.


ELO JHELO is a snack made by rolling out and shaping refined flour dough to look like a Star Fruit known as Kamranga in BENGALI and then deep frying it. This one is orange flavoured. These can be made in advance & stored for weeks.


The extremely popular Bengali Sweet can make any festive occasion a hit with its presence. 

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