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Indulge in Friday Brunch

Driving into The Address Dubai Marina Hotel, memories of my December 2010 stay at this luxurious property came flooding in. I had taken back with me a gift of impeccable service & brilliant tranquil view of the Dubai Marina, with private yachts plying throughout the day. Familiar sights caught my eyes today as I made my way through the lobby towards the MAZINA Restaurant. The tagline of the restaurant "PASSIONATE CUISINE" set the tone for the Indulgence awaiting inside.

I was ushered in by a pretty lady, who gave me the choice of sitting indoors in the bustling lively environment or settle down to the quiet & picturesque outdoor. It was tempting to dare the 
slightly warm weather and sit in the outdoor calm, to take in the beautiful view along with the food, but seeing the reluctance on my partner's face, I settled indoors.

Found that perfect corner where I can hold time with a juicy novel & a long lemony drink.

The place was extremely busy with diners from all facets of life. Families with infants & toddlers were easily identifiable with the multi coloured balloons tied at the edge of their tables. Mazina attracts a lot of families because it is one of the few restaurants which has a large dedicated area for kids. The bouncing castle is a big draw along with cartoons playing on a TV screen, video games, face paintings, an amazing lot of activities to keep the little ones engrossed while the parents can enjoy the elaborate brunch, at close quarters & keep an eye on their tiny tots. Did I mention there is a separate very colourful buffet, designed specially for the youngsters, with a live popcorn station to entice the tot away from the play towards the food. 

The Bouncing Castle. Someone turn me into a kid with a magic wand....

Exclusive kids buffet. Don't miss the popcorn machine...

The Mazina brunch also offers an amply stocked drinks counter, with a separate cocktail station, where diners, who choose the brunch with alcoholic drinks option, can design a cocktail with spirits of their choice. A band on the wrist is used as identification for those who select the alcohol option of the brunch.

The brunch is a delightful combine of International Cuisines. Rows & rows of food greeted me as I ran my eyes quickly at the five huge counters.The extremely large agglomeration of food made it almost impossible for me to decide what should be my starting dish. I ultimately made up my mind on Sushi & Arabic Salad while my partner was happy to start with Indonesian Chicken Soup & fried prawn wontons.

                        Serpentine queue of food. Arabic salads.....

It's a good idea to toss your own salad. How about a Raspberry Vinaigrette for dressing...

  Meat, Seafood and Vegetable Dim Sum

The Oriental Cuisine Counter.....

Of all the counters, I noticed that eaters were swarming to the "Stir Fry Station". The idea of choosing the greens, pairing them with meat or seafood of choice, then getting them stir fried in a fiery wok with a mix of sauces, again of your choice, right in front of you was intriguing to most including me. Standing in an envelope of spicy smoke, squinting to see the drama happening in the wok, engulfed by the oriental aromas got me salivating. And trust me the mix that landed from the wok into my bowl was simply delicious.
Vegetables, Meat and Seafood of your pick, tossed in sauces like the mild Hoisin Sauce or the lightly spicy Chili Bean Sauce or the Fiery X.O. Sauce as you may choose...

Voila!!! The result is this delicious mix

I am not a big fan of carvery. However I did change my mind after the most succulent piece of roasted lamb was delicately carved & placed on my plate and I cut out a piece dipping it in the mint jus, before savouring it in a jiffy. Also the glazed Salmon in tomato beurre blanc was equally scrumptious.
Everything in this counter is a must try , but my favorite picks were the "Glazed Salmon with Tomato Beurre Blanc And Roasted Lamb Saddle in Mint Jus".

                                                Oven Fresh Breads....

It was finally time for the finale with my best loved part of the buffet, the sugary creamy indulgence. 

However we thought it would be a good idea to take a breather,before our sweet tooth appeasement, so we strolled outdoors into the balcony & stood looking at the enthralling view before us for sometime. 
Once back I overloaded my plate with the colourful desserts, suddenly wondering how on earth did I manage to make place in my stomach for more food. The answer is obsessive love for confections.

Still Drooling...Assorted Caramel Eggs, Strawberry & Vanilla Panna Cotta, Raspberry Cheese Cake, Lemon Meringue Tart.... Yummmmmmm

The biggest positives of the Mazina Indulgence brunch is their designated play area & multifarious activities for the kids,the various live stations, especially the Stir fry station ,a blend of  Spirited And Unwinding Atmosphere along with flavoursome  & tasty food.................

                                        International Cuisine
                                        Weekend Brunches : 12.30pm to 3.30pm
                                        T: +971 4 436 7



  1. The only thing I can express right now is WWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWW.

    I don't consider myself as a FOODIE but, your write-up and the description showed me my inner love for food which was hidden somewhere in my heart.

    Mazina, the name I'm hearing for the first time but now I can feel its presence.

    Love you DIDI, you're AWESOME :)