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Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry Recipe / Oilfree Vegan Green Curry ~ Go Green

Ever since the festive season commenced, indulgence was served generally on all platters. Not that festivities have ended yet, but with so much of goodies having gone in, the tummy did scream for some rejuvenation. Every year whenever a little detox does the the internal system of our body good, we turn a "Go Green" page in my family. After the elaborate festive fares, quick fixes, takes over the kitchen menu. But please do not think that I will be posting anything mundane or boring here. Even these quick dishes have an element of fun and adventure in them.

My Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry is a flavour and taste challenge to the fussiest green eater out there. I can bet, that you cannot stop at one serving. Made from very few ingredients, to be precise 6, this Curry can be rustled up in 15 minutes by the clock. The result will surprise you, guaranteed. The Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry was the result of a serious hunger attack at an unearthly hour. The challenge these hunger attacks mainly throw, is to fix a dish with whatever is at sight in the kitchen pantry and at the same time does not allow you much time either. But, I have seen many a times when the tummy suddenly goes into the hungry mode, I have managed to come up with some very interesting dishes, with high taste quotient, flavour packed and almost instant with the amount of time I have finished making the dish from start to finish.

The Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry is a very interesting curry. It doesn't use any oil. A few cloves of garlic are finely chopped and toasted on a frying pan. Then the baby corn and mushrooms are thrown in, followed by a heaped spoon of Thai Green Curry Paste. In fact I have tried this dish with Thai Yellow Curry Paste and Thai Red Curry Paste too. Using any of the Thai Curry Pastes yielded the same result taste and flavour wise. As you coat your mushroom and baby corn pieces with the roasted garlic and Thai Curry Paste, please be warned that your hunger pangs will reach a crescendo as a result of the piquant aroma that will trigger the chain reaction staring from your senses. 

So quickly blitz together the Coconut Cream and Spinach in your food processor and pour this creamy emerald liquid into your frying pan. Increase the flame to maximum, cover and wait with a little patience, may I say for all the liquid to dry up and the precious coconut oil from the coconut cream to glisten up all over your gravy. Switch off the flame and without caring for any eating etiquette directly dive into your Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry with what ever slice of bread you can lay your hands on. Ah that feeling as a bite of bread lapped with a flavour balanced green curry, one mushroom and baby corn piece, a slight hint of lemony garlicky notes at the background lands on your tongue, is of euphoria. The hunger pangs now quietened by a delicious dose of food, you feel you have just chanced upon utopia. But just to put things in perspective, even if you are not in a similar situation like I was when I first rustled up the Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry you will love this Curry immensely.

Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry Recipe ~



1 Tbsp Garlic, finely chopped
250 Gms Button Mushrooms, cut into halves
6 ~ 8 Baby Corn, cut into 1/2 inch pieces approximately
1Tbsp Thai Curry Paste, use any, Green, Yellow, Red, I used store brought, vegan
1 Cup Spinach, tightly packed
400 Ml Coconut Cream

Let's Cook Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry in easy steps ~

1) Take a frying pan. Add the chopped Garlic. Toast the garlic till golden brown.

2) Throw in the Mushrooms and Baby Corn pieces. Saute them together with the toasted garlic for a few seconds.

** Add the Thai Curry Paste.
** Coat the mushrooms and baby corn pieces with the Thai curry paste nicely.

3) In food processor blitz together Spinach and Coconut Cream.

** Pour this into the frying pan.

4) Gently stir.

** Cover the frying pan. Increase the heat to maximum. Wait till all the liquid dries up.

5) Once the liquid dries up and you can see the coconut oil from the coconut cream oozing out over your green gravy, you can give everything in the pan a gentle stir and remove the pan from the burner.

Here you go. Your  Quick Mushroom Corn Green Curry is ready to be dived into. Start with a piece of bread. I used Roasted Garlic and Rosemary Ciabatta and it went very well with the Curry.

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