Friday, 12 April 2019

Samvat Ke Chawal Ki Kheer / Samo Ke Chawal Ki Kheer / Barnyard Millet Sweet Pudding ~ Gluten Free Recipes

The Sun here in My Dubai decided to take an off day today. Everybody needs a break so the Sun also took one, started playing hide and seek with the pristine white fluffs dotting the sleepy sky. The sky is just as sleepy as me, just like me peeping through half closed eyes. Why days like these bring those holiday like thoughts dancing into my brain, I never understand. Why my entire being refuses to budge from the feather soft quilt as a tug of war ensues in my half awake mind. To get out or not to get out of bed. Ultimately inspire of the ensuing tug of war I will get out of bed as is inevitable from the past experiences and as always "to get out of be" will emerge as the winner.

Not that I wouldn't give a bagful of gold nuggets if I could to get back to that warm  and snugly bed of mine, but once my feet carries me out to the nearest window, which opens to a breeze with a drop of chill, which caresses my face slowly moving my strands of hair off my brows, magic happens and I wake up to this beautiful blessing called life.

This dish that I am sharing with you today is called Samvat or Samo Ke Chawal Ki Kheer. Here Samvat or Samo stands for Barnyard millet which is cooked using milk which has been reduced, sugar, condensed milk, then perfumed with green cardamoms and finished off with a shower of nuts. The Samvat Ke Chawal Ki Kheer or Barnyard Millet Sweet Pudding is gluten free dessert and is mostly prepared during festivals like the Spring or Chaitra Navratri when many of us fast from sunrise to sunset abstaining from eating food or drinking water for nine days. After sunset when we break our fast, we eat dishes which are gluten free and made from a restricted list of ingredients. Along with a spiritual cleansing these nine days also help in the cleansing of our body with a gluten free, very simple, local, seasonal, homemade food. Samvat / Samo Ke Chawal Ki Kheer Or Barnyard Millet Sweet Pudding is one such simple, gluten free and very tasty dessert. You can prepare it very quickly and when you serve it everyone will love this creamy, yummy, light on the tummy, utterly delicious dessert.

Samvat Ke Chawal Ki Kheer / Samo Ke Chawal Ki Kheer / Barnyard Millet Sweet Pudding ~ Gluten Free Recipes

Author ~ Piyali Sekhar Mutha
Serves ~ 8
Cuisine ~ Indian
Type ~ Dessert / Sweet Dish
Time ~ 5 Mins Preparation + 25 Mins Cooking + 1 Hour Soaking Time 

Ingredients ~

2 Ltrs Milk, full cream
1/2 Cup Sugar
400 Ml Condensed Milk
1/2 Cup Samvat / Samo Ke Chawal / Barnyard Millet
6 Pods Green Cardamom
1 Tbsp Almond Slivers
1 Tbsp Pistachios finely chopped
1 Tsp Rose Water (optional)
1 Cup Water

Let's Make Samvat Ke Chawal Ki Kheer / Samo Ke Chawal Ki Kheer / Barnyard Millet Sweet Pudding In Easy Steps ~

1) Take Samvat / Samo Ke Chawal / Barnyard Millet in a bowl. Add 1 Cup Water. Leave it covered and soaking in water for at least one hour.

2) Pour the Milk in a large pan. Bring the milk to a rolling boil and simmer for 10 minutes.

3) Add Sugar to the milk. Stir well. Increase the flame and stir for a minute or two till the Sugar dissolves.

4) The Samvat / Samo Ke Chawal / Barnyard Millet will soak some of the water, drain the remaining water. Add Samvat / Samo Ke Chawal / Barnyard Millet. Mix well.

5) Add Rose Water and stir (optional).

6) Simmer, cover and cook for 10 minutes. Note that the Samvat should dissolve on your tongue at this point. Then you know your kheer/ pudding is ready. It should not feel grainy. If it does, cover and simmer for another 5 minutes.

7) Grind the green cardamoms to a powder using mortar and pestle. Sprinkle cardamom powder into the kheer/pudding. Garnish with nuts. 

8) Samvat / Samo ke Chawal ki Kheer Or Barnyard Millet Gluten free Pudding is ready to serve. It's consistency should be thick and flowy but not runny.

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